quote from Malcolm X

You can’t separate #peace from freedom because no one can be at #peace unless he has his freedom. -Malcolm X


Freedom video…


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Freedom Rings!!

With all that is going on in the world its fascinating how I’m boasting of our freedoms, and there are still people out there without any!! But I’m glad the egyptians have found their freedom! And many more are on the way!!

Freedom will not be restrained. This is a beautiful video from one of my friends in Libya
http://youtube/NReDBYRZ7nY. – Deepak Chopra

Freedom can never be restrained, never let yours be!

Any existence deprived of freedom, is a kind of DEATH – Gen Michel Aoun

Keep fighting for your rights and your freedom! They are yours and can only be taken if you let them! So don’t!

Much love to those in the process of getting theirs back!!

Peace and Love
Freedom B. Sunshine

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Sitting around

‘Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.’- Albert Camus

Sitting around just enjoying my sunday. Hope you are too!

Peace and Love,
Freedom B. Sunshine

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Welcome Sunshine!

Welcome to my blog! I’m a free spirit that wants to spread my knowledge and wisdom to all who seek it! I’ll leave freedom quotes whenever I can! With all that’s happening around the world its hard to believe that peoples freedoms are still being taken away! Well not here, we can’t stand for the injustices of the world! Open your mind, be free to see what’s truly out there!!!

Peace and Love
Freedom B Sunshine

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