Brain Storm

Don’t you just hate when you can’t focus? That’s my dilemma right now. I can’t seem to focus on one thing! And is it really a problem? I have to take care of my CEUs, and yet I can’t really work and do what I have to because my hands aren’t up to par! I am trying to keep pursuing my acting/modeling career but I need to workout! Which I am starting tomorrow! I’m taking my dog Sausauge out on a walk/run! I need to be the best I can be! I also need to do a run/walk marathon! And I’m dragging my mother along! And I also want to start my own herbal garden! I want to live more naturally healthy! I am a massage therapist! I think I should practice what I preach! Right now I feel stuck yet all over the place! But I know that, once I do focus, I’m so on!