Time with family…

Sitting here after a weekend of spending time with the family. Still with them actually! Its been crazy fun and I’m so glad that I am here! Seeing cousins that I haven’t seen all grown! Makes me feel old somehow but I’m loving it! Having my grandfather asking me when I’m going settle down and basically stop being a nomad! But I can’t help that I love to travel! And I haven’t popped out a child yet so I still have time to run around and do as I please! Family may talk but my freedom and my spirit take me where I want to go! And if they break, I cannot be! But my spirit tells me I need to be in Florida for now! And last October it took me to New York! And until I die I will go anywhere and everywhere!! Live your life and make sure to never let your soul be stifled!!

Peace and Love,
Freedom B Sunshine


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