the simple shit in life

Hello my Freedom lovers! Just something I need to get off my chest. Something that has been irking me, Parents who WON’T help their kids! See I told my mother I had made the decision to move back to Florida because there were a few things that I need to take care of over the next few months. But I didn’t have the money! I told her I had to get the money together to pay for my ticket! So a week later she says that I can just use her card to get my ticket! See! What a wonderful mother i have! I wasn’t gonna ask her but she knew I couldn’t get that money together and she OFFERED to buy my ticket! She is the greatest and the sweetest!!

But my issue isn’t with MY parent its, someone else’s close to my heart! Now this person is struggling just like me. Struggling to even feed himself! But HIS parents want him to take care of a medical bill that He can’t pay! You wonder why? Because he is struggling duh!! Like literally can’t feed himself, cuz he has to pay his bills with the little bit of money he gets! But HIS parents want him to pay this medical bill! And the only thing that they help out with is feeding him sometimes on the down low! This upsets me cuz they have the means to pay it off, he doesn’t, and yet they still are hounding him to pay it! I mean I feel that parents should always help out their children! Specially if your kids aren’t fuck ups, or doing crazy hardcore drugs, and help you whenever they can. Why can’t they help? I just don’t understand! I grew up in a family of love! Why doesn’t he feel the love? Idk think about Freedom Lovers. I understand that yes I am about my Freedom and what we can do on our own, but everyone needs help once in awhile!! Let me know what you think.

Peace and Love,
Freedom Baby Sunshine!


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